Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Here's that film I made

Hello. I have finally set up a new blog. I tried building a website for a while there but i gave up when i realized that i don't know how to build a website and that i don't have anything to put on it anyway. So this'll do for posting whatever.

I've finally taken off the password protection on my 2010 graduate film The Art of Making Friends. I was unhappy with it when i finished/gave up on it two and a half years ago, but since then it's been around the festival circuit, had a bit of a second wind and won me a few awards. So i suppose that means its good. Good enough anyway. I haven't been arsed actually fixing any of the things i didn't like about it, it's just sort of been lying around hating itself, but we've all done that before. Here it is, all fully online in it's shabby glory:
The Art of Making Friends

Not a bad effort after all i think. At least there were no mimes or dogs looking for lost bones or anything. To celebrate, here's the main man as he is now:
He's had a rough couple of years but he's a lot more well adjusted now, he does and says what he wants and he only rings his ex wife when he's really, really pished.

Here's the original documentary about a man who could be an inspiration for us all: Cornershop of Horrors

And here's a poster i made for the film that i never used for anything. It has the wee laurels on it though so it makes me feel special and justified when i look at it:

Now that's all finally done and dusted and i finally have some free time, i can start working on the other stuff i had planned, which i'll post about soon, probably. Also, i'm off tomorrow to go to this festival where the film is being screened. Free hotels and adage-defying free lunches:


  1. Thanks to my faith in the good taste of Lisa I peeked into this. You are indeed top drawer, it's brilliant. I wish you well in your next project and look forward to seeing the outcome.
    Peace Up.....Always,